Lightly We Go (…again)

I’ve blogged, on and off and in many forms and capacities, for about ten years. Admittedly, I’ve never been the best blogger; I’m inconsistent, and not really engaged in the community, and I tend to ramble on in my long-winded, whimsical that isn’t always the most reader-friendly of styles. And that’s because my version of blogging – the little creative spaces I’ve carved out of the internet – has always been primarily just for me. They’ve been precious places to come home to; a cosy, fairy-lit corner with a blanket and a book, and within them lie some of my most beautiful, vulnerable, and crafted memories.

Today I discovered that severe technical issues, and some significant oversight on my part, have led to my former website, known like this one as ‘Lightly We Go’, and on which I’ve published for over five years, being permanently erased.

That’s a lot of work to lose in a split second. A lot of life. I was too shocked to be upset at first; I went into fixer-mode, and then, on realising that there wasn’t really a fix (or at least not one that I could afford), everything went a bit numb.

But we’ve got to find the right way of looking at these things, and in one way this all feels a little bit meant-to-be. Right now my life is full of fresh starts; this year has been full of shifts and changes, and they culminated this summer with my graduation from uni and my move into a new flat in York.

So perhaps this is something rightfully poetic. The posts I’ve lost on my former site don’t have to still exist to matter (and, crucially, my most personally important and formative work is saved elsewhere). And now, as I set about making a new life for myself away from where I grew up, so will come new beauty, new vulnerability, and new memories.

I’m planning on populating this site a little with a couple of my favourite pieces from the past eighteen months or so, and hopefully including updated versions of some of my student advice content, as those continued to be popular even while I wouldn’t publish new work for months. And after that – who knows? There’s always something to share, and I’m looking forward to finding out just what it might be.

To ten years of blogging, then; and to celebrate with a whole new space. Or rather, a space that’s the same but different: the name hasn’t changed, and it looks pretty similar. But it’s time to go somewhere new.



  1. 12/11/2018 / 1:31 pm

    Ah, now I read this, I can understand what happened.
    I should have seen this post first!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Lucy
      17/11/2018 / 8:54 pm

      Hi Pete! Yes – it was all a bit of a mess, but I’ve managed to recover myself! Thanks for your continued support, of course 🙂 Hope you’re well! Lx

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