Lightly We Stay: Writing a Tourism-Focused Blog During COVID-19

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I’ve being toying with this post for almost two months now, since the coronavirus started its mass sweep across the UK and became something truly tangible in our lives here. After a month or so away from blogging – February was a busy month and something had to give – I was just starting to think about picking it back up when COVID-19 hit. In a matter of days, all normality went out the window while we could only stand in the doorway and watch it disappear. Our lives were rendered indoors overnight but for food shopping, medical appointments, and daily exercise.

Here on Lightly We Go, I have it significantly easier than most other travel-focused bloggers. I primarily focus on the UK, because I just can’t afford overseas travel at this point in my life. I’m not gifted trips, and I certainly don’t make a penny from crossing borders and writing about my adventures. I am in no way an influencer – travel or otherwise – but it is interesting to see the effects of the coronavirus on the industry into which I dip a toe every time I publish a post.

Essentially, it hit me with what I felt to be a moral dilemma. It seemed, especially at the beginning, insensitive to share travel and tourism content at a time when most of us weren’t going far beyond our front doors. What would be the point in posting guides to tourist destinations if we can only get to places on foot, and when we get there, they aren’t even open? It just didn’t seem enough to call it ‘inspiration’; there were bigger things in the world to think about than the holidays we hope to take in the future.

But over the last couple of weeks, I think the mood has started to change. It might be the beautiful weather, the impending shift in the rules of the lockdown, or just the seven weeks mostly indoors on our own or with the same people for company each day. Now, I think all anyone wants to see is what’s beyond their window. Little reminders on blogs and Instagram that there’s a whole world out there for us to return to once it’s safe could be a motivator, rather than a depressant. It might encourage us to stick out the lockdown just a little while longer, so that we may reach ‘normality’ (or as close as we can get to it after all this) sooner.

So, having worked through all that, I sat down and thought out some content to work on over the next few weeks. The aim will be to publish lockdown-appropriate posts without compromising the key values of Lightly We Go: content that is accessible and creative, and that celebrates what Yorkshire (and the UK more widely, eventually…) has to offer. Come along by staying in – and follow the rest of the Lightly We Stay posts through the tag here!


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