about lightly we go

Yorkshire stole my heart, and the rest of me with it. 

I’m Lucy, the twenty-something writer and wanderer behind Lightly We Go. I grew up in Norfolk, and I thought that would be my home for most of my life, until I moved to York for university, and never looked back. Yorkshire just has everything; dales and moors, a dramatic coastline, cities both metropolitan and historic, and some of the warmest people you could ever meet. 

Lightly We Go grew out of my need for a space to document my trips around Yorkshire and further afield in an accessible, clear, and creative way. I don’t have a huge budget to work with, and so I work to consider as many people as possible in my guides to areas, destinations, and events around the UK. The idea is to find ways that everyone can experience the beauty that the UK has to offer. I’m no expert though, and I’m still learning; if you don’t feel considered, please let me know how I can do this better. 

Coming along for the ride is my partner, Greg, a proper Yorkshire boy and your go-to man for ideas, creativity, and conversation (and it helps that at the moment he does all the driving!). You can find LWG on Instagram to follow along on our weekend trips, whether that’s a few nights away, a meander to the Yorkshire Dales or the coast, or just a quick trip into York, where we’ve made our home.