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about me

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by. I’m Lucy, Lightly We Go‘s twenty-three-year-old curator. I grew up in Norfolk before moving to York for university, and since then nothing’s been able to tear me away from the North. After graduating with a degree in English Lit, I chose to stay here in York; it’s become home to me.

I’m a harpist, a violinist and a singer, and a fierce advocate for arts, culture and heritage education and accessibility; in fact, I’m hoping to make this my career (watch this space…). In the meantime, you can probably find me in a coffee shop somewhere, or off exploring with my best friend.

Lightly We Go is still working out its purpose – a bit like me. I’ve blogged on and off for over ten years, and my former site under the same name was unfortunately lost, with five years’ work along with it. So we’re here as a fresh start, which right now feels okay. If you knew LWG before: welcome back. And if you’re new? Come along for a bit, and see what you find.