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Malham Cove | Hidden Yorkshire

It’s a bit rich of me to start a collection of posts called ‘Hidden Yorkshire’ with Malham Cove, one of the county’s worst-kept secrets, but one of the special things about Yorkshire is even the most famous bits are probably pretty tricky to get to. Malham Cove is no exception, nestled in the south of the Yorkshire Dales, half a mile up from Malham village, which is one of those places you can’t help but wonder how residents cope when it snows. …

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Postcards from… York in Autumn

Contrary to the vast majority of bloggers and instagrammers who are filling up my feeds with their joy at the return of woolen jumpers, rainy days, and cold, dark nights, the colder months are not my favourite. I dread saying goodbye to warm sunshine and long evenings when this time of year rolls around. But now I live in York, there’s something to ease the transition into the latter parts of the year, because autumn in this city can be nothing short of spectacular. Perhaps because it’s the time of year I first moved here (almost exactly four years to the day as I type, no less), but York’s autumn holds such a special place in my heart. I actually think it’s one of the best times to visit the city, so if you’re heading to York this autumn, here are some prime photo-spots for your cosy, golden-toned Instagram feed.…

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Six Reasons to Love York

Choosing to stay in York after I left university was anything but a difficult decision. Even while my first year was difficult, I fell in love with the city almost instantly, and something in me just felt right. It’s the perfect size (for me), with amazing connections to the rest of the country (except, of course, my parents back in Norfolk!). And, besides being utterly photogenic, there’s just something special about this historic little city. That I’m now able to properly call it ‘home’ still hasn’t quite sunk in, because from the food to the architecture to the culture, there’s just so much to love about York – so here are my top six.

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