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When Stress Becomes Incapacitating: Writing My Dissertation in One Week

It was Time to Talk Day back on February 7th. I tend not to purposefully act on days like that – every day presents an opportunity to talk about mental health – and it’s a pretty long time ago now, but on that day I was presented with some concepts for a post I’ve been meaning to attempt to put together for a while. It’s the kind of piece I needed to take some time over, because it’s lengthy and complex and personal and tricky, so it took me almost three weeks to even sit down and try writing. When I did start, I realised that what I wanted to say would be most helpful if accompanied with some context, namely by explaining something which happened back in May last year.

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‘These violent delights have violent ends’: Graduation

Graduation came a bit out of nowhere. I’d spent the week previous working up to 14-hour days on a residential course for Year 12s on campus, and although uni had been flooded with capped and gowned graduands every day of the week – including many of my friends – it was still a bit of a shock to wake up on the Saturday and remember that this was it. It was my turn now, and after three tumultuous years my undergraduate career was about to be punctuated with a very final full stop. 

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Lightly We Go (…again)

I’ve blogged, on and off and in many forms and capacities, for about ten years. Admittedly, I’ve never been the best blogger; I’m inconsistent, and not really engaged in the community, and I tend to ramble on in my long-winded, whimsical that isn’t always the most reader-friendly of styles. And that’s because my version of blogging – the little creative spaces I’ve carved out of the internet – has always been primarily just for me. They’ve been precious places to come home to; a cosy, fairy-lit corner with a blanket and a book, and within them lie some of my most beautiful, vulnerable, and crafted memories. Today I discovered that severe technical issues, and some significant oversight on my part, have led to my former website, known like this one as ‘Lightly We Go’, and on which I’ve published for over five years, being permanently erased.

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